Coal sculptures

Last Friday night’s excursion was a trip to see compellingly strange French SF animation ‘La Planete Sauvage’, plus a pre-film performance of some groovy improvised music from The Stargazer’s Assistant. The film was fantastic; the music was marvellous; but what really made the evening for me were David Smith’s coal sculptures, forming his exhibition ‘The Other Side of the Island’.

No words, for once; I took some pictures on the phone, so I’m going to let the work speak for itself.




2 thoughts on “Coal sculptures

  1. My parents took me to see that film when I was about 7, and I have the craziest memories of it. Pretty far out stuff, and very rarely screened – you were lucky to catch it.

  2. Yup, it is verrrry cosmic. Amazing sound track as well! It’s up on Youtube, I’m going to try and link to it as an experiment when I get a second.

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