A hiatus

Well, it’s taken a while, but allumination is now officially in hiatus. This is largely because my laptop has blown up, and while my groovy little Asus EEE is fantastic for emails etc, it’s become a bit too wearing to think exclusively onto a 7.4 inch screen. So, for a week or so only (because theoretically my new laptop is arriving next week) I leave you with pictures of my brother reaching Paris here, and ((apart from that) possibly the single coolest thing I’ve seen in a long while here:

A bientot!

3 thoughts on “A hiatus

  1. Well, on the plus side it was an excuse to get a new one – and I didn’t lose any important data, so it could have been worse. On the Asus – I found it invaluable, tho’ had to a certain amount of work customising it etc, and the small screen and keyboard did get to me a bit after a while. I’ve now sent off for a larger battery too, as the battery life is quite short (two hours max). Basically, tho’, I’d hugely recommend it, but as an internet tablet / out and about machine rather than full laptop replacement! Oh, and the 9″ screen version running Windows XP is just coming out, if you don’t fancy Linuxing…

  2. Hmm… I´ve I should get a new battery then it is a little bit more cash involved. I thin I´ll keep wondering for now.

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