about me

I’m a writer, poet and occasional musician.

I’ve published two novels with Gollancz. My first book, ‘Crashing Heaven’ is about an accountant of the future, a psychotic virtual ventriloquist’s dummy and the sentient corporations who are persecuting them both. It was followed by a stand-alone sequel, ‘Waking Hell’, in which the past attacks and only a dead estate agent can save us.

I’m currently deep in the next book, a near-future arborpunk thriller called ‘Prophet Mode’.  Imagine Alejandro Jodorowsky adapting an Edith Nesbit novel, only with more self-driving suitcases, and you’re about there.

And I’ve been publishing SF, fantasy and horror stories and novellas for the last fifteen years or so. They’ve appeared in Interzone, Black Static, Postscripts and elsewhere – more details on the In print page.

When I’m not writing books I’m an independent brand strategy & language consultant, helping my clients future proof their brands with words. You can read about my corporate marketing and media life over on my consultancy site.