Beating the Little Hater

Well, I had to post this from Jay Smooth at illdoctrine because it resonates with a lot of what I’ve been thinking about and feeling lately. I’ve had a bit of a creative hiatus; but now, I’m throwing myself back into the novel and – having watched this – doing so with even more energy. Enjoy!

And how do I beat the Little Hater? Work hard and consistently at whatever I’m writing, think about it as lots of little problems to solve rather than one big one, and whenever it comes to a ‘what to do next?’ question try to be guided by a combination of obsession and a sense of fun.

Oh, and I think of my Little Hater as my Inner Critic – because there are times, when I’ve written something and need to take it apart, spot all the flaws, and then smooth them right out, that I let him loose, because all that criticism he generates can come in very handy indeed.

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