Breakfast in Albertopolis

Good morning all! And first of all, apologies for disappearing for a bit – it’s been a hectic few weeks of settling into the new place, and generally getting things sorted out. Secondly, much excitement, as new stories have hit the streets.

Online, my story ‘Fallen’, which is a stonepunk mini-epic that implicates the Mayans in the development of city-sized macroprocessors, and ponders just what that might mean for a bored young archaeo-hacker.

It’s available here, along with other stories from the Science Museum Writer’s Workshop and Tony White’s groovy steampunk piece, which both resurrects James Colvin and re-imagines South Kensington as Albertopolis.

Tony also talks about his time as Writer in Residence at the Science Museum, and describes the process by which he brought other writers together to workshop stories into being.

In print, ‘Fishermen’ is out in Interzone, with a bang-on illustration by Geoffrey Grisso. And it’s a fantastic issue in general, well worth picking up, with stories from Bruce Sterling, Matthew Kressel, Paul M. Berger and others.

Oh, and if you’re a BSFA member, you’ll have had ‘Sohoitis’ in the post, reprinted in the Postscripts BSFA sampler special along with work from Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Gene Wolfe, Ramsey Campbell, Joe Hill, and more

2 thoughts on “Breakfast in Albertopolis

  1. It was that one-off thing back in September – and I only had three tickets for the event itself! Hey ho, hopefully there’s more to come there…

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