‘Upon These Might We Brunch’

Well, there’s been much musical joy at allumination central over the last few days, as Zali Krishna has launched his new album, ‘Upon These Might We Brunch’. It’s available for free download here, and is well worth checking out. Rather than write about it, I went and filmed an interview with him, for this shortContinue reading “‘Upon These Might We Brunch’”

Hey, hey, it’s the Mondays!

General astonishment at allumination Central, as I’m currently grooving to the new Happy Mondays album. The sleazy funk! The electro-dub basslines! The surprising new country and western direction! The incomparable lyric flair of Shaun Ryder! All present and correct, astonishing indeed… First gig I ever saw (back in Paris in ’90) was the Mondays, firstContinue reading “Hey, hey, it’s the Mondays!”