Prove to my daughter that you love her

Well, last night was a gig by the mighty Thomas Truax, so today – by the power of YouTube!!!! – he’s helping allumination celebrate Valentine’s Day. Happy romancing, all! May the tentacles of love rise from their endless dreaming beneath the Pacific and penetrate the hearts of both you and your male, female or otherlyContinue reading “Prove to my daughter that you love her”

(Even more than) 99 red balloons

I was sat in the Red Lion on Kingly Street the other day – excellent pub, it’s a Samuel Smiths house so the beer is both good and cheap, and there’s no music, so instead there’s just the wonderful susurrus of people just chatting – and I overheard someone say ‘I’ve spent four hours makingContinue reading “(Even more than) 99 red balloons”