Carry On’s lavatorial masterpiece

Well, it’s been a quiet August on the blogging front, partially because work’s been very hectic (in particular, some fascinating drug legalisation crusading – more details here), partially because my tech time has gone on other projects (which should lead to major changes to the blog this autumn – watch this space, as they say),Continue reading “Carry On’s lavatorial masterpiece”

Guy Ritchie’s ‘Star Wars’

Guy Ritchie – one trick mockney geez-ah directly responsible for me having to wade through what felt like several hundred appalling gangst-ah caper scripts back in the days when I was a development monkey. Star Wars – well, you don’t need me to explain. Put them togevv-ah, tho’, and you end up wishing that DarfContinue reading “Guy Ritchie’s ‘Star Wars’”

Life with the Vaders

Well, a busy day at Allumination Central, so for your delectation – and following on from yesterday’s Star Wars referencing post – here’s the first of the magnificent online saga that is ‘Chad Vader – Day Shift Manager’. It’s about Darth Vader’s somewhat less adequate little brother, and his daily battles as he manages aContinue reading “Life with the Vaders”