on the outskirts of infinity

It’s been a couple of weeks since I had the deep pleasure of seeing Dominic Harman‘s stunning cover for Crashing Heaven for the first time. Here it is: First of all, I spent a lot of time just looking at it and being thrilled. Crashing Heaven’s set on a giant orbital habitat called Station –Continue reading “on the outskirts of infinity”

‘Of Dawn’ out in Interzone 235

Much excitement at Allumination Towers as Interzone 235 has just come out. It includes my novella ‘Of Dawn’ – more details / buy a copy here. The story’s been rather beautifully illustrated by Richard Wagner, he’s caught its mood perfectly. Alas, this is the biggest version of it I could find; to get the fullContinue reading “‘Of Dawn’ out in Interzone 235”

Much excitement at Allumination Central…

Two excitements at once. First of all, I’ve sold my story ‘Fishermen’ to Interzone! Which is fantastic news – watch out for it (I think) sometime this autumn, I suspect just before ‘Sohoitis’ comes out in Postscripts 17 (current issue available here). And secondly, I’ll be celebrating this weekend at Jean Herve Peron’s Avant GardeContinue reading “Much excitement at Allumination Central…”