Do not adjust your sets

Well, many apologies – it’s been a very hectic week, and so I’ve gone quiet for a bit. And I’m going to be quiet for a little longer; I’m off to America with H this weekend, moving between Seattle, New York and Saratoga. We’ll be visiting friends, chilling in the woods, and hitting the World Fantasy Convention, so it should be a great couple of weeks.

And once I’m back, a new chapter in life begins! So I suspect that there’ll be some changes on the blog. I think I’m going to pull back to posting two or three times a week, both because of general busy-ness and a sense that there’s a limit to how many daily posts I can do and still keep fresh and energised.

But for now, farewell for a couple of weeks – and I’m going to end with a couple of plugs. First of all, it’s the RETURN OF THE STELLAS tomorrow night! I might have mentioned this before. We shall be onstage as our new incarnation of three keyboard / electronics folk, a free jazz / Moroccan sax / drummer, one or possibly two guitarists, of course me on bass, and whoever else shows up. The drone odyssey begins again!

Secondly, after (literally) years of anticipation, groovy fiction magazine Black Static’s out, and (thanks to the joys of the British postal service) a copy has just arrived. More on it once I’m back from the States and have digested it properly, but first impressions are – great design, very enjoyable features, and some very intriguing fiction indeed. But don’t take my word for it – go get yourself a copy here.

So for now – farewell!

2 thoughts on “Do not adjust your sets

  1. Hey Al, I’m not going to be in London today, so won’t be able to come to the gig, but best of luck – I’ll catch you guys performing sometime soon. When do you arrive in New York? I’m there October 31st.

  2. Hi Chris – shame not to see you tonight,but there’ll be others… Arriving in New York on the 29th. I’ll have the phone with me, so give me a bell when you’re out there!

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