‘Ghosts’ lives!

Well, much excitement here at Allumination Central as my short story, ‘Ghosts’ has hit the streets in the latest issue of ‘Midnight Street’ – and it’s the cover story! Which I didn’t know about at all until my copy popped through the postbox, so a lovely surprise.

Anyway… the story’s about the problems of exploring haunted, abandoned weapon satellites on your own, and the cover catches its atmosphere very nicely indeed. And of course there are many other great stories in there – particularly looking forward to sitting down with the Joel Lane, Stephen Gallagher and Andrew Humphrey ones – and an interview with Neil Gaiman. Anyway, enough rambling – check it out (and order a copy for yourself) here.

Oh, and if you came here having read the story, welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoyed the story, and have fun rooting round here…

*plumps the virtual cushions, puts on welcoming music, opens a bottle or two of wine, sets out bowls of dry roast peanuts and Kettle Chips*

6 thoughts on “‘Ghosts’ lives!

  1. Congratulations, Al!
    Wow…the cover story! We are bursting with pride for you over here! Continued success!
    H’s Mom & Pop

  2. Fantastic, congratulations! Zali showed me one of your stories ages ago – really enjoyed it, I wonder if it was this one? Still I’ve just bought the magazine anyway on the basis that, um, well, you can never have enough to read can you?

  3. Hi Katie – thank you! Suspect this is a different one, but regardless of that it’s a great magazine… Hope you enjoy it!

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