I was a poltergeist once, you know…

Well, it’s mid-August, and my brain is winding down. Holidays are beginning; I’ve got Monday off next week to recover from a Stellas recording session (we’re going from midday Sunday to 4am Monday), Friday to head to the Green Man Festival with H, Raagnagrok and co (where we shall in particular be enjoying Strange Attractor Saturday), and the week after to work on the book.

So no heavy posting today. Instead, as a preparation for Sunday’s recording session, a visual record of one of the more unusual Stella sessions, helping the mighty Disinformation create strange atmospherics in a pitch black abandoned bank vault just round the corner from Old Street.

I spent most of the evening throwing an iron bar around; it clanged and sparked in a very satisfying way when it hit the floor. Various other folk were doing various other things, while audience members wandered round and felt generally spooked. I ended up feeling like a particularly satisfied poltergeist; the closest to becoming a haunting that I’ve ever been.

4 thoughts on “I was a poltergeist once, you know…

  1. ‘t fuck?!?

    Sorry I haven’t been around a while Al, will give you the low-down on all at work next week sometime, and will finally get around to customising your WordPress with you.

    Have nearly finished mine, as it goes: http://www.chrisbillett.net/thesearethelies

    … well, I’ll start using it once I’ve crimped out the rest of the website… might get time to do that soon, I guess!

  2. Wow, I can imagine the audience being spooked some. Definitely felt like a haunting…I’ll stay on your good side. That had to feel pretty intense.

  3. It was quite an evening! We were down there for two or three hours in total. We were actually locked in for a while (the door jammed), tho’ we didn’t realise for twenty minutes or so.

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