Read a story

Click here to read ‘Of Dawn’, which was first published in Interzone 235 (e-book version here) and has since been shortlisted for the BSFA Best Short Fiction 2011 award. It’s about music, poetry, Open University documentaries and loss. Many of the sounds and words that inspired it are mentioned in the story. I wrote a blog post here where you can listen to some of the music that was equally important, but that I wasn’t able to namecheck directly.

Here’s the talk I gave at the Playful Conference 2011. It’s a pretty wide-ranging consideration of science fiction as the literature of play. There’s a blog post about it too, suggesting books to read by each of the writers I mention.

Right click and select save to download De Profundis (it’s a PDF file), a story about the problems facing a lonely Thames river police driver. It was first published in Black Static 11, and was longlisted for a 2010 British Fantasy Award.

Falling is stonepunk flash fiction; subroutines carved on temples by long-dead Mayan data priests, city-sized macroprocessors decaying in the jungle, John-buried-Paul anarchists breaking the digital and a modern programmer attempting to escape it all through Proust and the movies. It was written for the Science Museum – more info on how and why here.

Golden, a tale of spacemen and London pubs, is up on infinity plus, a trove of SF wonderment. It was first published in The Third Alternative #38. If you fancy reading it in company with some other, truly marvellous stories, it’s been reprinted in the excellent Immersion Book of Science Fiction.