Much excitement at allumination central, as Trevor Denyer over at Midnight Street has confirmed that my short story ‘Ghosts’ (dealing with the problems involved in exploring haunted orbital nuclear missile platforms solo) will be appearing therein in late ’07 / early ’08.

I’ve got a few other stories out there, looking for homes; my post- traumatic-stress-disorder fairy story ‘Changeling’, my Renaissance artist kidnapped by pirates story ‘Fishermen’, and my deep space hallucinated anima story ‘Lost’. More on them as and when they reach port.

And of course if you fancy an immediate read, there’s always ‘Golden’ over at Infinity Plus!

2 thoughts on “Storyville

  1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Very fond of that little story… you know all the NASA stuff in it is based on what they were actually planning back in the late 60s / early 70s? Real shame they didn’t get to do it all.

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