What’s in print

My second book, ‘Waking Hell’, is out now as a paperback, ebook and audiobook. It’s a stand alone sequel to ‘Crashing Heaven’, describing what happens when the past attacks and only a dead estate agent can save us. You can get a copy in all good bookshops, and of course on Amazon. The audiobook, read by Nicola Bryant, is available here. And Anderida Books have published a lovely signed, limited hardback edition – click here and scroll down for more info.

My first novel, ‘Crashing Heaven’, came out with Gollancz in 2015. It’s about an accountant of the future, a virtual ventriloquist’s dummy and their battles with various sentient god-corporations. Tor.com said it’s “the year’s best debut to date, and make no mistake”. I’ve gathered all the reviews, interviews and general publicity over on my Facebook page – and you can check out the first few pages on Kindle here.

A novella, ‘Of Dawn’, digging into English folk weirdness, 70s Open University documentaries, Roman myth and related matters. It’s in Interzone 235 alongside stories from Matthew Cook, Mercurio D. Rivera and others.

A short story, ‘Golden’, reprinted in the most excellent Immersion Book of SF, alongside work from Tanith Lee, Lavie Tidhar, Aliette de Bodard, Chris Butler and more.

Assorted rantings in the BSFA British Science Fiction and Fantasy Survey – it’s an endlessly interesting read, with thoughts about F&SF from just about anyone you’d ever want to hear from, running from the late 60s until right now.

A short story, ‘De Profundis’, about the problems of being a Thames River Police Diver, along with fiction from Gary Couzens, Will McIntosh, Lawrence Conquest and others, and some great comment and review pieces, in Black Static 11.

A stonepunk mini-extravaganza at the Science Museum website, along with other great fiction resulting from the Science Museum Writers Workshop, plus SM writer in residence Tony White’s steampunk, James Colvin resurrecting ‘Albertopolis Disparu’.

For BSFA members only – ‘Sohoitis’ reprinted in a Postscripts sampler special, along with fiction from Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Joe Hill, Stephen Baxter, Ramsey Campbell, Gene Wolfe and others.

A short story, ‘Fishermen’, about Croatian pirates and how and why we create fantasies for ourselves, in Interzone 221, along with as ever stunning stories and great commentary.

A short story, ‘Changeling’, about memories of war and the Fair Folk, in Black Static 9, along with reliably excellent fiction and commentary.

A short story, ‘Sohoitis’, about alcoholic deities in Fitzrovia, is out in Postscripts 17 – along with fiction from James Lovegrove, Ian Macleod, Jeff Vandermeer, Adam Roberts and others.

An interview with Ted Chiang, about his Nebula Award winning short story ‘The Alchemist and the Merchant’s Gate’, is up at the Nebula Awards site.

Want to edit your own anthology? I’ve got stories up at Anthologybuilder.com, along with lots of other great genre fiction.

Ramblings as part of 2003’s New Weird thread on the TTApress messageboards – reprinted in the Vandermeers’ New Weird anthology, which includes both great fiction and fascinating critical commentary.

An article on Fantasy, Science Fiction, the characteristics of each and the relationship between them in March’s issue of Stephen Hunt’s SF Crowsnest, along with fiction, articles and interviews from Ken Macleod, Hal Duncan, Joe Abercrombie, Jeffrey Ford and others.

A short story, ‘Ghosts’, about the problems of exploring an abandoned, haunted space station on your own, is out in issue ten of Midnight Street – along with great stories by Joel Lane, Stephen Gallagher and others, a fascinating Neil Gaiman interview, and other cool stuff. Still available!

A short story, ‘Golden’, about the problems of meeting a surprisingly optimistic American astronaut in a pub opposite the British Museum, first published in The Third Alternative 38 is reprinted online at Infinity Plus.