Krishna at the Klinker, 02 07 09

Well, last week was a very cultural week, with Michael Moorcock, Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore live at the British Library at one end, and Zali Krishna playing live at the Klinker at the other. I didn’t record any of the Moorcock / Moore / Sinclair triumvirate, but I did manage to get this – […]

Haunted by cosmonauts

Another enjoyable night out last night, as I went to the rather wonderful Shunt space beneath London Bridge station, to listen to upcoming Radio 4 Afternoon Play ‘Listen Up’. Inspired by a recent Fortean Times article, the play deals with two Italian brothers, Achille and Giovanni Judica Cordiglia, who – in the late 50s and […]

Overground in N16

Much excitement this Friday as all sat around their laptops to listen to DJ Tango-Mango’s very groovy take on the Stoke Newington music scene, midwife to the Stellas and countless other bands. It’s a great summary of all the different kinds of music that happen in N16, and a wonderful listen in its own right… […]