Attack of the art-errorist

If you’re near Hamburg this weekend, then there’s only one thing you should be thinking about doing – heading to Faust bassist Jean Herve Peron’s Schiphorst Festival, a gathering of some of the continent’s finest established and upcoming avant-garde musicians. As Jean Herve puts it: ‘Our purpose is to give a platform to dedicated/renowned yet […]

It lives! It lives!! It dies!!!

A couple of musical links to start the day. Here, Iotar resuscitates prog over at Raga Betamax. Is the world ready for Dr Progenstein? Too late to wonder, he’s here and the monster has been unleashed… And here, the Fake Steve Jobs ponders the music industry from the Apple point of view, making some very […]

Zali to rock hard

Zali over at iotacism is playing a solo set at the Klinker in Stoke Newington tomorrow, details (and groovy music downloads) here. Go see him! He will rock unfeasibly hard. Would be there myself, but alas I shall be rowing. A useful skill given current rainfall levels.

Taking liberties

Mike Harrison very thought provoking today on control, mass trespass and fantasies of childhood in the English countryside: ‘The utter brilliance of the Kinder mass trespasses was that they gave the non-magic kind of children permission to occupy some of those landscapes.’ A forced ceding of control by the controlling classes. This conflict over control […]