machine cycle upgrade

“Expelled as commander to be integrated as connector, the human is transformed by its own works from a brain legislating life to a ligament binding machine cycles.” Brian Massumi, quoted by Pierre Joris in “Nomad Poetics” I stayed in a Mercure Hotel last night (the picture’s the view from my room), and was struck by […]

Travelling to Avebury

It’s World Poetry Day today. I wanted to post something by Louis Zukofsky – just been having a great time reading his collected shorter poems – but his son is very protective of his copyrights, so there’s very little of him available online. Instead, two other offerings. First of all, one of his poetic colleagues […]

A poem for Kenneth Rexroth

Yes, there is always poetry lending meaning from language to us, this world. Yes, there is art and here is the world, and us; here before each poem, then after changed and unchanged. I think of lava, how Kenneth Rexroth described it – here and no more. Burning into stone as if fluid vision can […]

A Vanishing

Waking in the morning to the tumbling of a stream outside my shining window and the dreams I had recede like strangers, met on the road. I think of stories of hitchers buckling their seatbelts, pale in the night picked up perhaps at a crossroads perhaps at a cemetery gate who talk of nothing much, […]

I’m reading on Thursday

Well, clearly I have no  brain. I’ve been emailing all and sundry, but I completely forgot to mention it here. I’m doing a poetry reading on Thursday, at the Voices of Experience night in Tulse Hill – at the Railway Pub, just outside Tulse Hill station. Here’s the flyer – see you there!

In the gloom, the gold

Well, what with one thing and another – mainly the fact that my laptop has blown up, tho’ fortunately it happened in slow motion so I was able to get all my data off the hard drive before the death – I haven’t had a moment to ponder Bryan Talbot in prose (trust me, it’s […]