Pound 1, Brancusi 0

Just spent a lovely weekend in Venice, with H; great food, great boozing, lovely company (of course), much architectural beauty, and also of course much time spent looking at art and (as ever) following Ezra Pound around. This year’s Ezra stalking was particularly successful; our hotel was just round the corner from his and OlgaContinue reading “Pound 1, Brancusi 0”

250 years of eternity

Well, I seem to be moving to a weekly publishing schedule, but not this week – because today Allumination is celebrating one of its heroes. Because yesterday was the 250th anniversary of William Blake’s birth, and so today I’m just going to genuflect. Why? Well, HE’S WILLIAM BLAKE!!!!! Perhaps the greatest graphic artist we –Continue reading “250 years of eternity”

Pulp street indeterminacy

Well, it’s blog-o-clock again, and today’s pulp fiction pondering has been triggered by an exceptionally interesting essay about different modes of poetry by Reality Street supremo and exceptionally cool modern poet Ken Edwards. Here’s some of his poetry; and here’s the essay. Edwards launches a sustained assault on systems of reading that privilege a (relativelyContinue reading “Pulp street indeterminacy”