Smashing the piano

Well, it’s quite the weekend of music coming up. On Saturday night, Stoke Newington’s legendary Drones Club hosts the awesome testosterone rush that is synth duo Raagnagrok, plus mash up Arabist mayhem from Djinn. More details here, it’s going to be a blast. On Sunday, as part of Resonance FM’s Month of Sundays sessions, RaagnagrokContinue reading “Smashing the piano”

Coal sculptures

Last Friday night’s excursion was a trip to see compellingly strange French SF animation ‘La Planete Sauvage’, plus a pre-film performance of some groovy improvised music from The Stargazer’s Assistant. The film was fantastic; the music was marvellous; but what really made the evening for me were David Smith’s coal sculptures, forming his exhibition ‘TheContinue reading “Coal sculptures”

Hey, hey, it’s the Mondays!

General astonishment at allumination Central, as I’m currently grooving to the new Happy Mondays album. The sleazy funk! The electro-dub basslines! The surprising new country and western direction! The incomparable lyric flair of Shaun Ryder! All present and correct, astonishing indeed… First gig I ever saw (back in Paris in ’90) was the Mondays, firstContinue reading “Hey, hey, it’s the Mondays!”