Hypnotic ways of passing time

Well, a quick musical post. First of all, just been doing some housekeeping and added the Graan website to my blogroll – if you haven’t already, check out music we’ve made here, from where you can also get to our Myspace page. Secondly, I’ve come across this rather lovely combination of puzzle game and musicContinue reading “Hypnotic ways of passing time”

Electric Exorcist Miles

It’s a little known fact that ‘Dark Magus’, Miles Davis’ 1977 live album recording a 1974 concert in New York, made it into Q Magazine’s 2001 list of the heaviest albums of all time. It’s a ferocious funk metal attack, with Miles soloing dementedly over the top, that more than holds its own against heaviosityContinue reading “Electric Exorcist Miles”

The return of the Entropy Circus

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks at allumination central; I’m packing the flat up ready to move, establishing myself as a freelancer, and (for various reasons) whizzing up and down the country between Hebden Bridge, Glasgow and London. So, alas, little time for weird pondering. However, there has been time for music – andContinue reading “The return of the Entropy Circus”

Roots of the Summer (and some great news!)

Well, I’m off to Devon and beyond for my summer holidays over the next week or two – with H, of course – so there’s going to be an August hiatus on the blog. But, before I go, first of all some great news – Black Static have picked up ‘Changeling’, my story of homecomings,Continue reading “Roots of the Summer (and some great news!)”

Prove to my daughter that you love her

Well, last night was a gig by the mighty Thomas Truax, so today – by the power of YouTube!!!! – he’s helping allumination celebrate Valentine’s Day. Happy romancing, all! May the tentacles of love rise from their endless dreaming beneath the Pacific and penetrate the hearts of both you and your male, female or otherlyContinue reading “Prove to my daughter that you love her”

Truant heart

Following on from today’s earlier quick post, another quick post, about magnificent Dubstep artist Burial – the anonymous Fisher King of modern bass culture, bleeding out nostalgic futures from the South London suburb of Croydon. I’ve been grooving to his wonderfully haunted album ‘Untrue’ since just before Christmas, but have reached a new level ofContinue reading “Truant heart”